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[thrive_drop_caps color=’red’ style=’1′]A[/thrive_drop_caps]t, our objective is to provide you with the information, techniques, and training’s that will help you keep your family fed, hydrated, and secure during disasters or non-emergent  times as well.


​Our community is designed to be open-minded and positive, and we encourage people to feel free to comment or even share their family preparedness techniques by guest posting.


Lastly, we do not believe in instilling fear, doubt or anxiety. At times, our writers may use strong language describing real threats and tragedies, but our real purpose is to instill hope by empowering you with actionable information.



There is no greater freedom then true self-sufficiency. Homesteading is a way for families to make use of their environment to do just that. Read more homesteading information here.


Emergency Preparedness

Floods, Fires, Hurricanes, Droughts... There are no shortage of naturally occurring disasters you should be prepared for. Read more about emergency preparedness here.


Personal and Family Security 

Families that plan survive, and there are many simple defense and security protocols you can put in place for them.  Read more about family security here.


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Our pledge to you is to bring you only the highest quality information curated from industry experts.

Our position when dealing with matters of family security is to trust but verify. That means we yearn to believe in the good intentions of our fellow citizens and administrators, but we also take the time to ensure the survival of our families while improving the overall quality of their lives by preparing for the best of times as well as the worst.


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